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Tiniciti Preschool
About Us


Tiniciti Preschool, was established over thirty years ago.

Tiniciti’s management directs 12 branches and currently holds over 5,000 students between their campuses.


Tiniciti’s modern-day educational program offers families a customized approach to early learning.

The foundation of our program was built on the core principles of various philosophies, with a primary focus on the multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner.

Our multidisciplinary approach to early childhood education has granted us the ability to strengthen students’ limitations through the implementation of a variety of learning processes.


Prominent corporations work hard to cultivate top performers and they compete to keep them engaged. Our mission is to preserve continuity for these industry leaders who know that transforming company culture begins with supporting employees’ changing priorities. We work hard with employers who are trying to have additional support to keep the workforce productive, achieving the work-life balance they aspire.



Our vision is reflective of how times have changed and companies are recognizing the need to integrate work and life.

We provide on-site educational programs that serve as partners in life, not as a daily obstacle. Tiniciti Corporate Solutions aims at partnering with employers who want to stay two steps ahead providing solutions for employees that in turn, produce major successful relationships and outstanding financial results.



Our Experience

Tiniciti realizes that the key to happy employees is helping them find the quintessential work-life balance.

With the option of an on-site childcare facility like Tiniciti’s, employees engage more with the organization which results in higher business performance and profits.

Our corporate education experience stems from our first partnership of over 12 years with Silos y Camiones, S.A. de C.V. SYCSA provides customized solutions and services related to storing and transportation.

Attain significant tax benefits with us; qualified child care programs are granted a yearly tax credit of $150,000. Also, the government allows a company to deduct 35% of unrecovered costs from its corporate tax bite.

Change your statistics with Tiniciti Corporate Solutions.

According to The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, providing on-site child care reduce employee absences by up to 30% saving companies up to $4.4 Billion in lost productivity and $8.3 millions in lost wages.

It has been estimated that turnover costs range from 35% to 125% of an employee’s annual salary. (The Cleanest Line, 2016)

Reduce turnover, relocation, and training costs with Tiniciti Corporate Solutions.

Employees gain assurance knowing that their children are safe and sound nearby knowing that they are part of the direction and culture of their company’s vision.

Employees with access to child care report a 10% increase in work-life balance. (KCE Fortune 100 Client Survey)

According to The National Institute for Health, 67% of employees experienced less stress due to an on-site childcare center.

On-site childcare options provide relief for the 33% of parents experiencing financial hardships due to the cost of care. (National Public Radio, 2016)


Work and life don’t have to be at odds.

88% of millenials say work-life integration is the first thing they consider when looking for a job.
Source: PwC Millennial Survey

According to The National Institute for Health, 67% of employees experienced less stress due to an on-site childcare center.

69% of parents say costs of childcare have impacted their career decisions.
Source: Workplace Survey 2015

  • Personalized Early Learning.
  • Doors open from Monday to Sunday.
  • Isolation room / area.
  • Amazing facilities and qualified staff.
  • We are attentive, understanding, welcoming and familiar with your needs.
  • We are within reach through camera access.
  • We are always close to you through live streaming, up-to-date reports, and daily journals.
  • We are committed to safety 24/7.
  • Extra-curricular, enrichment activities.
  • Science, Music  and Physycal Education.
  • Multicultural, bilingual, and multidisciplinary environment.
    • Incovenient hours and complex schedules.
    • No camera access, no transparency.
    • Expensive lunch prices and no meal plan.
    • Standardized curriculum.
    • Unqualified teachers and inattentive staff.
  • It is not just a school, but a second home.
  • Cozy and friendly environment where your children sit with their second family.
  • Community involvement.
  • School for parents program.
  • Shared values and goals.
  • Enrichment classes in our tuition.
  • Art, music, yoga, and dance.
  • Welcoming Open-Door policy.
  • We are reachable and always happy to serve, interact, answer your Q.s and will always go above & beyond for our students and families.
    • Teachers and staff that are unreachable.
    • No Open Door Policy.
    • Little community involvement.
    • Unwelcoming staff and teachers.
    • No School for Parents.

Like patients, healthcare employees require specific supports. Tiniciti Preschool offers solutions designed for healthcare employees and is trusted by the nation’s top providers to reduce absences, build talent pipelines, and stay operational in a weather crisis or global pandemic.

Healthcare is changing… rapidly. It’s never been harder to improve outcomes, manage costs, and ensure you have the people you need – for administration, frontline roles, and clinical specialties.

  • 81% of Hospitals report difficulty recruiting nurses
  • 19%
  • 30% of turnover occurs in an employee's first year
  • 70%
  • 85% of nurse with young children miss shifts
  • 15%

Interesting Facts

  • JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. has estimated returns of 115% for its child care program.
  • Global business consultant KPMG found that its clients with on-site child care  earned a return on investment (ROI) of 125 percent.
  • As reported by The Harris Poll on 2019, 55% of parents would take a pay cut for a job that offers child care.
  • The Boston College Center for Work and Family stated that 90% of employees cited increased loyalty to employers who provide on-site childcare.
  • According to research by The Outline, corporations with on-site childcare are catalogued as part of the Ten Top National Places To Work For.


This commitment to family is at the core of Tiniciti’s mission and shows
palpable strength, stability, and drive for a better world.

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