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Why Every Company Should Have On-Site Day Care

Why Every Company Should Have On-Site Day Care

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A healthy work-life balance is vital for avoiding burnout. As a result, businesses are putting their workers’ satisfaction first. There have been many unique and emerging office perks, ranging from flexible work schedules to corporate lunches. What’s the most recent? Day care in the workplace. 

Well, it’s no secret that child care is pretty expensive, so it makes sense that companies are taking note and providing on-site day care for their workers. Tiniciti Preschool is here for companies that wish to provide their workers with first-rate on-site day care solutions to ensure a balanced and healthy work-life. 

What Does On-Site Childcare Mean?

A workplace daycare is a facility on-site that offers childcare for the children of workers. A worksite day care is usually reserved for preschool-aged children. For the most part, these services are provided for a small price that the employer partially or fully finances. Like off-site care providers, these programs must be certified, insured, and staffed with teachers and helpers who have undergone training to ensure that the children in their care are safe. 

Why is Childcare an Important Investment for Companies?

Businesses worry about keeping parents on board for a variety of reasons. Many of these working parents occupy crucial leadership positions that organizations just cannot afford to lose. Less family-friendly workplace cultures drive many working parents to quit the workforce or find new jobs in other industries that are more accommodating to their family needs. 

Employers may address these difficulties by offering access to inexpensive, high-quality care inside the office, which meets the needs of working families, promotes productivity, and increases retention rates. When looking for an on-site childcare partner, major businesses today rely on Tiniciti Preschool‘s knowledge and extensive experience. 

How it Works

Using demand evaluations, utilization predictions, and requirements analysis, Tiniciti Preschool can help businesses plan and develop child care facilities within their company. We can also manage child care facilities that are located on-site or nearby, giving companies comprehensive options. 

Other benefits include:

  • More women in management roles.
  • New parents will have a better transition to work.
  • Better employee performance.
  • Better employee retention.
  • Better loyalty.
  • Fewer absences.

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